How to Work With Us

New Coyote is rolling out a new roadmap on how to engage with us.

Because of our high level of commitment to values like workers’ rights, equity, and anti-racism, and because we are unapologetically pro-trans, pro-sex worker, and anticapitalist, we’re very deliberate about who we work with. Until recently, we’ve acquired clients through friends and word of mouth, and that’s worked out for us. We’ve very rarely worked for anyone who we didn’t feel represented our values.

Now that we’re growing, this way of working feels too conservative and too cautious. We know there are more organizations out there looking for consultants who speak and work like we do, who can support their vision and align on core values and beliefs.

We now have a clear path to working together for anyone who is interested in finding out what an anti-racist, anti-capitalist organization can do for them.


Marginalized leaders, specifically leaders of color and/or queer people in leadership tend to be the best fit for our style of working. If you’re invested in liberation, anti-capitalism, and anti-racism; if you’re changing your lens away from the traditionalist, white supremacist “professionalism;” if you are ready to create change both for yourself and for your community: we’re the right place for you.


The New Coyote process starts with coaching. In coaching we have two monthly meetings where I work directly with you on what you’re experiencing, what your plans are, and what your needs are. You also have a number to text me in between meetings with various questions or updates. Together, we identify what you can do with what you have in the moment, how to achieve your goals, and how to work ethically to foster liberation for ourselves and others.

In coaching, we’ll work out where New Coyote fits in your leadership goals, and where we can provide for the needs of your team. We’ll agree on a plan, then New Coyote will train your staff before we start working together so that we’re all on the same page. After that, we’ll follow the plan we agreed on to help your organization with whatever you need, including communications, marketing, fundraising, management restructuring, hiring/firing, etc.

While we work together, we can continue coaching, transfer the coaching to another leader in your team, or pause coaching.

A client doesn’t need to move on to training and technical assistance - you can stay with coaching indefinitely - but a client does need to start with coaching in order to do deeper work with us.

Over the last three years, we’ve learned that so many of the issues our clients were struggling with could be resolved in one hour of structured coaching that focused on how to uphold their anticapitalist and anti-racist values while still operating inside of a white supremacist environment that is endemic to capitalism. We also learned that our busy clients required a flexible coaching schedule, and an easy way to contact me when they were in the thick of it. Two meetings a month and a text line seem to be the perfect combination.


If this path to working with us appeals to you, book a coaching assessment today via our Calendly link or contact us here!

If you know anyone in activism and leadership, especially if they are a person of color and/or a queer person who is focused on liberation for themselves and others, please forward this to them or email-introduce us to each other.

We want to engage in our own growth with as much intention and as little harm as possible. Being sure we can serve people before we commit ourselves to working with them is one way we intend to create the wealth we need to invest in our workers and our values without being extractive or taking more than we give back.

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