New Coyote's Business Plan

A successful day at the business is a day where we:

  • Work 6 hours or less in a manner that is body-led,
  • Take breaks for breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Take a walk and/or a restful nap
  • Have a meaningful conversation with another human that makes us feel good
  • After we are taken care of and feeling abundant, make someone’s day better through empowerment, development, or the lessening of a burden

We make money by:

  • Having a superior product that generates referrals
  • Talking about our passion for connecting people with like-minded business owners and workers (in 1 on 1s, through content, and other ways)
  • Retaining clients and growing the products they have with us
  • Firing mismatched clients so they can thrive somewhere else

We save money by:

  • Retaining employees by not working people into burnout
  • Having a healthy onboarding process, with retraining and a culture of accountability so our product feels the same every day
  • Firing mismatched employees quickly so they can thrive somewhere else
  • Promoting from within so that we retain and grow institutional knowledge
  • Avoiding working people into health crises potentially leading to lower health insurance costs
  • If we have an office (I don’t think we will, but just in case) working less hours will lead to lower utility bills and less wear and tear on equipment
  • Taking advantage of programs that benefit progressive businesses.
  • Being entirely transparent with salaries and negotiations and not wasting time trying to get more out of someone than we pay them for
  • Keeping meeting hours to an absolute minimum with as few people as possible, then disseminate the meeting info widely to avoid time drain

We measure our success with:

  • How many employees are meeting their personal financial goals (buying a house, starting their own business, financing education or travel, growing their family)
  • How many people were promoted or met their personal career goals
  • How many employees built their credentials (certifications, public speaking, articles published, etc.)
  • How much money our clients made
  • How much money we were able to put back into the local economy (related to client income)
  • How many more people we were able to bring in, both in terms of becoming clients, but also in terms of becoming staff, vendors, connections, etc.
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