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Equity and Communications Consulting

After beginning an equity journey, many organizations find their old messaging doesn’t line up with their current vision. New Coyote is the firm to help you bridge that gap.

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Hiring process

Nonprofit consulting

Communications department for hire

Campaign management and execution

Communications department restructure

Grant Writing

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2021 Annual Benefit Report

New Coyote is a certified benefit company, which means that we believe in the 3 P’s practice of putting People and Planet first because it means more Profit for those who see the wisdom in serving the “greater good.” Check out our Annual Benefit Report to see what we accomplished in 2021 and what we have planned for the future.

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New Coyote Manifesto

We are tired of empty corporate manifestos. This will not be another well-written piece of vague trash for us to point to as if we have values while we do whatever serves us in the short term behind the scenes. Our real manifesto is not what we say, but what we do.

However, here is what we say we do:

  1. We break for meals.
  2. We don’t work weekends.
  3. We check email once or twice a day.
  4. We see failure as an essential part of success.
  5. We never write above a 5th grade reading level.
  6. We pay at least average market rate+ 10% for labor. All labor.
  7. Professional development is not a perk, it is an essential part of our business.
  8. We work with experienced professionals who can respond quickly and act independently for the benefit of our clients.
  9. We are an anti-racist company; if you’re not okay with that we will ask you to leave.
    — This applies to all stakeholders including clients, staff, and especially leadership.
    — We reserve the right to extend this policy to all forms of bigotry, harassment, or bad behavior.
  10. When we mess up, we are grateful for the feedback and we strive to make amends.
    — Our priority is to make amends first to those most negatively impacted by our mistake, and then to the wider community.
  11. When work increases, we add hours or people because we need our team to be at their best for every client and every project.
  12. This company exists to serve people, not the other way around.
    — This means that we will never sacrifice human wellbeing for corporate wellbeing.
    — More specifically, if the corporation must die for the people in it to live, it will die.
    — Put another way, this corporation only exists as long as the people in it thrive.

New Coyote's Business Plan

A successful day at the business is a day where we:

  • Work 6 hours or less in a manner that is body-led,
  • Take breaks for breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Take a walk and/or a restful nap
  • Have a meaningful conversation with another human that makes us feel good
  • After we are taken care of and feeling abundant, make someone’s day better through empowerment, development, or the lessening of a burden

We make money by:

  • Having a superior product that generates referrals
  • Talking about our passion for connecting people with like-minded business owners and workers (in 1 on 1s, through content, and other ways)
  • Retaining clients and growing the products they have with us
  • Firing mismatched clients so they can thrive somewhere else

We save money by:

  • Retaining employees by not working people into burnout
  • Having a healthy onboarding process, with retraining and a culture of accountability so our product feels the same every day
  • Firing mismatched employees quickly so they can thrive somewhere else
  • Promoting from within so that we retain and grow institutional knowledge
  • Avoiding working people into health crises potentially leading to lower health insurance costs
  • If we have an office (I don’t think we will, but just in case) working less hours will lead to lower utility bills and less wear and tear on equipment
  • Taking advantage of programs that benefit progressive businesses.
  • Being entirely transparent with salaries and negotiations and not wasting time trying to get more out of someone than we pay them for
  • Keeping meeting hours to an absolute minimum with as few people as possible, then disseminate the meeting info widely to avoid time drain

We measure our success with:

  • How many employees are meeting their personal financial goals (buying a house, starting their own business, financing education or travel, growing their family)
  • How many people were promoted or met their personal career goals
  • How many employees built their credentials (certifications, public speaking, articles published, etc.)
  • How much money our clients made
  • How much money we were able to put back into the local economy (related to client income)
  • How many more people we were able to bring in, both in terms of becoming clients, but also in terms of becoming staff, vendors, connections, etc.
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