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Hi, I’m Marina and I’m the CEO of New Coyote Consulting.

I’m the person you’ll be working with on assessments, consulting, coaching and training. New Coyote is my brain child, and is born of many years’ experience applying equity and human-centered systems to communications strategy. I built it to be a new kind of company, a place that puts human beings over performative capitalist expectations that only waste time, lead to burn out, and don’t make any money for a middle class company like mine.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and a grassroots communicator with more than 20 years’ experience motivating people to take action on behalf of political, cultural, and commercial interests. I take my commitment to the people I communicate with very seriously. My ongoing equity and workers’ rights practice has made me a popular speaker, trainer, and peer mentor in the industry.

I have successfully created, consulted on, planned, and launched multiple businesses and projects that make money without sacrificing principles or values. My success in business is directly tied to my lived experience and those of my ancestors, who live on through me.

I come from a family of atheist communist activists on the one side, and marine corps veterans on the other. Along the way, we experienced and passed down generational trauma, abuse, mental illness, and addiction. My identity as a queer, non-binary, disabled Latine (Latinx, Latin@, Latina/o) person informs my sense of place in this world. My family history and personal experiences of racism, sexism, oppression, transphobia, and ablism in and out of the workplace fuel my need for justice. The work of anti-racism, decolonization, and recovery from the trauma of capitalism is a life-long journey and it’s been my daily practice to do my part in this generational work for more than 21 years.

I deeply believe and operate from the belief that until and unless we pay people a living wage, bringing marginalized people in line not only with earning, but with wealth generation available to historically privileged populations, we have no hope of a sustainable movement.

Liberation and prosperity go hand in hand. Wealth generation for communities of color and communities kept in poverty by white supremacy, especially Black and Indigenous communities will change the world. I invest in pay equity and resource development for BIPOC and trans people first and foremost.

You can learn more about me on my personal website www.marinaforhire.com, my twitter @marinaforhire, or on Linkedin where I post videos every week on Monday and Thursday setting out my intentions for the week and then updating everyone on how I did on those intentions.


Hi, I’m Kate and I’m the Chief Operations Officer here at New Coyote Consulting.

I work on making sure our day to day operations run smoothly, from billing to bidding to building out content. I’m the client relations department and the marketing manager in our small shop and when you reach out to us, it’s probably me you’re talking to.

Marina and I met in theater club in high school, where we bonded over our shared alienation in our conservative suburban environment. Then we were roommates, and later on we worked together at one of Marina’s previous companies. Over the years, we learned that we made a good team, whether it’s creeping out the popular kids, building successful campaigns for progressive organizations, or navigating business administration in good times and bad.

I received my Bachelor’s in English from UCLA and have more than 20 years experience in online community management, technical writing, marketing, and project management. As a queer woman with a large multi-ethnic and diverse queer/trans/disabled chosen, adopted, and natal family, I find that doing work with an equity lens not only comes naturally, but is imperative to my personal goals as a manager and as the Chief Operations Officer.

An image of three people walking through a natural area, they are all wearing masks. One is light complected, on medium and one dark.

Why We're Called New Coyote

In Aztec mythology Huehuecóyotl, or Very Old Coyote is a deity that represents wisdom, storytelling, deception, and a host of other things. He was usually depicted as male, but was also explicitly gender fluid and bisexual.

In the stories we still have of Huehuecóyotl, he was shown as a trickster god, usually one that taught lessons through play and humor. His followers, if they could be called that, treated him more like a friend than a god.

When I was first envisioning what would become New Coyote, I started by asking myself one question: How did my ancestors do business?

As a descendant of colonized people, we may never fully know the answer to that question, however, the answer wasn’t what I needed. Asking the question with intention helped me conceptualized of a business model outside of capitalism. And that became New Coyote.

I originally planned for us to be Old Coyote, since I was teaching and recommending techniques that felt old to me and came from my lived experience and community knowledge. But everywhere I went people called my style “new.”

I was teaching things that came from outside formal education and mainstream thought. These practices were anchored in what I knew to be true as the descendant of my multiple legacies, or that I had perfected myself in the field.

So we became New Coyote. New for the way it feels to work with us, and Coyote for Huehuecóyotl who lead and taught with humor, storytelling, and a little bit of transformation. A shape-shifter and an ancestor, just as adaptable and suited to this world as he ever was.

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