Why We Do It

10 Driving Principles

We came to understand these principles over 20 years of working in change-management, equity, and communications. They are not final, true principles rarely are. But they are what drives us today.

  1. Hours worked has little relationship to overall product quality.
  2. Truly successful business people are successful people first, and their success at business is predicated on that fact.
  3. In order to run an anti-racist business, we ourselves must perpetuate an ongoing practice of addressing our own internalized white supremacy.
  4. Consent is not sexy, it’s mandatory. This is true in every avenue of life, especially in business.
  5. We say no to what we don’t want so we can say yes to what we do want.
  6. Urgency is white supremacy.
  7. We heal in relation to one another, therefore healthy, mutually beneficial relationships are the primary driver of all we do.
  8. Clear is kind: Communication is a skill we continuously learn and teach.
  9. Empathy is everything.
  10. The opposite of an oppressive system is not a lack of systems. Without explicit structure, most systems will revert to the default, which is white supremacy.
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