Working with Layered Social Impacts: How I Started A Thriving Values-Based Business In a Pandemic

Working with Layered Social Impacts was originally presented as the keynote speech at the 2023 Fall Portland Parks Foundation Friends and Allies Summit.

Keynotes like this one are created to suit the event and the audience they are presented for after a conversation with the organizers about their needs and goals.

About The Presentation

Often during crises, organizations - especially small and under-resourced organizations - will try to increase the rigidity of their systems in order to withstand the turmoil. However, rigid systems tend to break down quicker and be harder to reassemble after a major incident. In order to adapt and perform in a post-covid world, where everything is changing faster than ever and we’re being affected by more outside incidents day-to-day, what we need are flexible and durable systems.

In this keynote, New Coyote CEO Marina Martinez-Bateman shared the story of New Coyote from our pre-pandemic launch to our present-day success under ongoing crises. They discuss our roots in pre-capitalist, Indigenous ways of business and being, and the new values that informed us - values that center the full human experience and people in everything we do, rather than investing in performative productivity or arbitrary metrics of success.

Attendees were inspired to try new things, invest in their own health and wellbeing, and focus on the work that has the highest impact for them in their context.

Key Take-Aways

  • Challenge scarcity mindset
  • Refocus on impact over image
  • Find alternatives to harmful systems
  • Create unique solutions to unique problems
  • Expand the definition of professionalism and competency
  • Address the issue of toxic productivity in small nonprofits


  • Portland Parks Foundation

    The Portland Parks Foundation mobilizes support to improve Portland’s system of parks, natural areas, and public spaces. They collaborate with individuals, community groups, organizations, and institutions to develop long-term, sustainable improvements to the livability and beauty of our city while working to create the broadest possible access to recreation, creativity, education, and play in our parks and open spaces. In short, the Portland Parks Foundation helps people help parks.

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