New Coyote Manifesto

We are tired of empty corporate manifestos. This will not be another well-written piece of vague trash for us to point to as if we have values while we do whatever serves us in the short term behind the scenes. Our real manifesto is not what we say, but what we do.

However, here is what we say we do:

  1. We break for meals.
  2. We don’t work weekends.
  3. We check email once or twice a day.
  4. We see failure as an essential part of success.
  5. We never write above a 5th grade reading level.
  6. We pay at least average market rate+ 10% for labor. All labor.
  7. Professional development is not a perk, it is an essential part of our business.
  8. We work with experienced professionals who can respond quickly and act independently for the benefit of our clients.
  9. We are an anti-racist company; if you’re not okay with that we will ask you to leave. — This applies to all stakeholders including clients, staff, and especially leadership. — We reserve the right to extend this policy to all forms of bigotry, harassment, or bad behavior.
  10. When we mess up, we are grateful for the feedback and we strive to make amends. — Our priority is to make amends first to those most negatively impacted by our mistake, and then to the wider community.
  11. When work increases, we add hours or people because we need our team to be at their best for every client and every project.
  12. This company exists to serve people, not the other way around. — This means that we will never sacrifice human wellbeing for corporate wellbeing. — More specifically, if the corporation must die for the people in it to live, it will die. — Put another way, this corporation only exists as long as the people in it thrive.
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