Creating Needs-Based Workplans

Creating Needs-Based Workplans was originally presented as a 30-minute leadership session at the 2024 NTEN Conference, 24NTC.

This training workshop can be tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of your organization’s employees or members.

About This Presentation

Leaders who lead for impact have been starting to realize that traditional ways of working are not serving us any more, if they ever did. Workers are still navigating COVID, remote work, new disabilities, and challenging realities even as our service populations continue to grow in size and need. If we want to continue to have an impact, if we want to continue to stay on mission, we have to rethink how we manage people.

Needs-based workplans are highly contextual to the resources, the challenges, and the environment we work in day to day. They ensure that our staff can be responsible and flexible with lower rates of burnout and turn-over.

Throw away the traditional 9-5. Even before it ballooned to 9-7 and then 8-8 and beyond, it wasn’t serving the needs of the modern worker, and therefore, it wasn’t serving anyone who relied on curiosity, initiative, or problem-solving from their staff in order to get things done.

As leaders, we are being called on to be creative with the resources and realities we face. In this workshop, we learn techniques and strategies to keep on mission without burning everyone out. Including ourselves.

Learning Objectives

  • Techniques for managing staff asynchronously.
  • Some tools for creating and checking needs-based workplans.
  • Alternatives to a 40-hour workweek.


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